Textile Merchandising

Textile Merchandising is a major that I studied in this last three years. I studied this major in Polytechnic STTT Bandung, Indonesia. The one and only university which specifically involved in the field of textiles in South East Asia.

So, What is Textile Merchandising?
it is a major where we can learn about garment industrial management. Beyond that, we also can learn a bit about basic in designing clothes (well, too basic actually haha). Most of the subject is contains production management and also supply chain management.

Then what's the point of this page?
Well, i just want to share a bit about those subjects I've learned, some exercise questions from my HIMA (Himpunan Mahasiswa) and even some of my tasks (not all of it, because I hate it when someone's to copy my work, so I'm just trying to prevent it. dang). I hope this can help ya'all to understand ma major. There are some pictures down there that you can click on and you'll directly go to my dropbox page.

Download as much as you want :)

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