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Happy Hero's Day

5:22 am

I dedicated my nails for Indonesia!!! yeah

Today Indonesian people celebrate our Hero's Day! Big thanks for our lovely Heros who had saved us (Indonesian people) from You_Know_Who.
Pak ahok said that Teenage who didn't smoke and litter is a Hero. I do agree about that.
For being a hero, you don't have to stand up in a war, kill somebody who disturb you or something like that. Being a hero is just as simple as you do the right thing that doesn't annoy other people. But yeah actually you can do more to be Hero-er. Simple thing is good. But we're as young people have to do something bigger and we have to write our own good history, haven't we?
Once again. Big thanks to Indonesian Heros!! if they're not fight for us. it seems difficult to us to have a good life.

XOXO -unemenel-

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