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How to Make a Good Human Photograph (Basic) by Arbain Rambey

8:46 pm

Human are the most favorite object for some photographer, but to take a good human photo needs some skills, Arbain Rambey kindly shared his tips to learn how to take a good human photo, when i was attending his workshop at Balaikota Bandung. Now it's my turn to forward those tips for you, here they are:

  • Just take photo of the face, from the forehead to the bottom of the chin. 
    • Do the repetation, try it in different angle and search the best angle of your object. Which one is the angle that can make your object looked better.
Full Face (Extreme)

  • Take full head photos.
    • Full had means from the top of the head til the neck/shoulders

Full Head

  • Take half body photos
    • Before you take this half body things, your have to search some poses references. So you know how to direct your model. 

Half body

  •  Full Body
    • It means TOP TO TOE. Angles and poses are important.


  • Advanced Full Body
    • After you already expert with your basic, now it's the time for your creative brain to works. 

"Kalian itu harus pinter moto orang, karena itu bermanfaat banget buat pendekatan dan penghasilan hehe" -Arbain Rambey-

XOXO -unemenel-

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