TRAVEL JOURNAL: Lost in North Jakarta

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Long time no see~

Hihi too excited to post this one  J  i have passed my 5th semester!! Yippieyayo! So now it’s time to refresh my brain for next semester. Until yesterday, i spent my holiday at home. I did Quilt a mattress, make a cushion, read books, watch movies, play with my new cat (read: Say Hello to my new little cat, Cinga) aaaand etc. But still, those things can’t fulfill my holiday desire. I-WANT-TO-TRAVEL. I really want to travel and go out from this box. Sometimes we have to make a condition to motivate ourselves to do more, haven’t we? That’s why I stood on Immigration office yesterday to make a new e-passport. But unfortunately I can’t make my new passport that day because of the problem on chip making process. I have to wait until they can handle the chip program and I bet it will take months to be fixed :(

Have nothing to do after that…. So I decided to take a walk around the office. It is nice to know that the office located less than 100m from Jakarta Old Town a.k.a Kota Tua Jakarta. Yeay  J In the time I got there, this historical place was still empty, ok, not fully empty; I saw some street food stores which were just opened like Bubur ayam, ketoprak, soto dll. I also found some museums there but it still closed. (Read: Jakarta Old Town)

Welcome to Djakarte
To make it short, here's the list of "Things that you can find at Jakarta Old town"
1. Cafe
 Cafe Batavia is the most popular cafe in this neighborhood. From 1884 until now this  building has been used for several function such as trade office, ship agency, and since  1992 until present it becomes restaurant (copied a bit from the photo below hihi). This  building has survived approximately 200 years in this crowded city. wow. (Read more  History of Cafe Batavia) Besides that, you can find another cafe such as Djakarte Cafe,  Bangitiam Cafe, Historia Food and Bar, etc. In these place, you can find a lot cheaper  food than Cafe Batavia hihi (Read also: Wisata Kuliner Kota Tua)

2. Museums
Well, i'm just going to mention the name of the museum, ok? it'll be too long if i have to explain every detail of the museums. There are; Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, Jakarta History Museum, Wayang Museum, Bank Mandiri Museum, etc 
3. Old Bicycles (for rent!)
Never ride an old bicycle before? i suggest you to try one. Many old bicycles are rented there and it only cost IDR 20K per 30 minutes and IDR 50K for 2 hours. Very affordable right? and it's a lot cheaper if you rent it for 2 hours xixi  

4. Under Construction Old Buildings
Because of JOTRC project, many buildings in this neighborhood are under construction. As long as i saw yesterday, the progress was really good, the repainted broken white wall, the wall ornaments, the bell, the construction laborers. I bet those building will be the new attractiveness of Jakarta Old Town, soon. woohoo, can't wait for it any longer! 
JOTRC? What is that?
I'll explain it soon, be patience wkwk 

5. Creative People 

FYI, Jakarta Old Town now is under revitalization by Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corporation. As you can see on the photos up there, that is one of the old building which is under construction. Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corp a.k,a JOTRC is a private consortium which aims to develop this neighborhood by promote art and culture, deepen the involvement of participant in art developing especially in the Contemporary Art Fatahillah Square Museum and Old Town Jakarta, and to attract more people (visitors) with the new Conteporary Museum and Visitor Center of Jakarta Old Town.
wooow fighting JOTRC! can't wait to see the new look of this town :)

But sorry to say, I don’t like this neighborhood, a bit hehe. Not because the people nor the building. This place (in several part) smells horrible. I can’t even comfortably sit there to eat my bread and drink my coffee, especially in front of the mart, ugh, can’t handle that at all. It's very disapointing and one more problem i found here... why they chooped this beautiful tree that is very iconic in this location? 

So sad, eh? But beyond those problems, the buildings in this area are magnificent. After walked around that place for about a half hour, my foot told me to go walk further. Few days ago before I went there, my college friend and i planned to go to Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa, but the plan was suddenly postponed  because of the bad weather. Thank God it’s sunny day. I opened the map, and see how far between my location and Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa. Well, It only takes  26 minutes by foot. 

walk for abt 2.1 km was no big deal for me, i enjoy the walk after all, until i called by the nature hahhaha. So happy when I know I was walking in north Jakarta. You can easily find public rest room there. teehee! Things you can find a long the way at the map above are

1. This dilapidated yet magnificent building at jl. Kali Besar Barat *love 

2. Public Toilet

3. Tent and Terpal Stores a long Jl. Tongkol

4. Truck Workshop

Bengkel Truk di Jalan Tongkol, Jakarta Utara
And finally, Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa
After i hurted my leg in the last 15 minutes, finally, i ended up in this port. I can clearly see Le Grande fishing boats were made from lumber. It's big, complicated, unique, but not shophisticated enough compared to the ships from the other developed country (ex: Australia). Don't be sad, sometimes the traditional one was the last best choice (y).

Selfie, with tripod. :"""
Les grands navires
Call of nature, everyone?
I really enjoyed my solo walk there, saw those beautiful ships and accosted by handsome fishermen, taking my own picture with tripod in crowded place, lol, and blablabla. Thank God i'm single huehehe. I don't have to think about the thoughts from others and i can simply decided where will i go next as far as i wish without consider the others capabillity. (mumpung masih sendiri hehe)

After i looked the map, the distance between Sunda Kelapa and Petak 9 was too far for me to walk. My solution was.... get public transportations! after i asked people around sunda kelapa, they said that i should take M15 (angkot), get off at Ancol's gate, then cross the bridge and the road, and then take another M15 in opposite direction which is headed to St. Jakarta Kota and get off there.
According to the map, i still have to walk approximately 850 m.

Along the way to petak sembilan you can find a lot street painters, and other merchants at Jalan Pintu Besar Selatan

And this is it, Chandra Building that sells many kind of tionghoa stuffs such as; Imlek's song, chineese dress, ngkoh-ngkoh shirts, chineese ornaments, etc. But i got the wrong place. That building was not the main area of petak sembilan. So i just get these photos during the visit. huft.

huah.. this was a simple urban exploring and the simplest travel story in my lyfe. xixi. I would like to invite you, and you, and you to fill my next travel stories yaaa. Too much single journey doesn't make me grow up enough hehe. See ya!

Daypack: Rei
Camera: Canon 500D and evercoss android one

XOXO -unemenel-

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