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Paper Girl for my Photography Project

I practically love to collect things and you can count me as an immaculate collector. My real life and my i-life are full with maybe-you-think-it-is-unimportant things like stickers, bottle cap, CDs, many kind of model poses, outfit ideas, nice quotes, etc. It helped me to keep thrifty and creative hehe. My brain worked better when i saw something in visual, because writing things is not realy my expertise, yet, hihi. Out here, it can be said that i work in an environment which is need a bit high creativity level. Pamphlet design, textile design, fashion design. Yea, am not the real designer or a fulltime designer, but at least i ought to understand about it. So i choosed to learn more about this moodboard things. Every time i want to create something, i know nothing to do. There's a lot of questions in my head like "what will i make?" "what kind of pamphlet?" "what for?" etc. To much questions made my self drawn in confuseness. I, fundamentally, have a disorder that made me unfocus and i uncomfortable with it. After i browsed from the internet about how to manage ideas well and neat, finally i found this moodboard method, a way to describe the feel, the ideas, the taste visually. I discovered this when i was in high school.

When i saw some moodboards out there be like "Wow it's easy tho". In the first time i thought it was just about combining colors, match all your favorite stuffs, and put them together in one frame. But when i tried to make one, bah, it was not as easy as i thought before, espesially when you need to make a design for other people, you can't just collect things you like but you have to read and know what your client want and what was it for. And i promise, that was not easy, at all. haha

Back then, moodboard-ing manual on a paper was still hot. Cut out my old magazines, or comics, or books, and combine it all in a paper. It's pretty similar with wall magazine. I made it for my loose leaf cover, or bookmarks. A year after that, i was interested in digital scrapbooking. It's kinda make a scrapbook, but digitally (?) haha, and that's made me friends with photoshop. hihi. Couple years after that, i found it too tedious and take more time to compose it because i have to search the ideas from many digital image source, and download it to my laptop first, crop, cut, etc. until finally i found websites called tumblr, pinterest, polyvore, dll. I feel like, wooow it's now so easy to make a moodboard. The source, the ideas, the taste, you can found it easly. Here i gather some online tools to make a great moodboard:
  1. Pinterest
  2. Polyore
  3. Go Moodboard
  4. Tumblr
Altough make a moodboard online is easier, it still uneasy (for me) haha. maybe i'm too stupid. But wait, don't be too desperate, i have some tips (wich are very helpful for me)  to make a good moodboard combination;

  • Decide the theme
    • One or two themes will be really help you to search the idea. With theme, you automatically set your focus in that area, it will not too branched or too wide and it saves more of your time. 
  • For who?
    • For children? teenagers? adults? parents? grannys?
  • Choose color pallete or color trend 
    • If you already set the theme, i bet you can depict your color pallete easier (not easy, but easier). Make a color combination in moodboard making is one of the hardest part. A lot of reference and research are very helpful. The more you push your self to combine colors, the more you'll get used to it. 
  • Search all the ideas from everywhere
    • collect from books, magazines, internet, building, living environment, dll. Save, cut, scan, capture all picture you can collect. Ideas come from everywhere, from every media. Even a leaf, branch, fabric or eggshell can be putted on your mood board. 
  • Collect the mood, not the final result.
    • Oftenly, people collect final results from other artists for their mood board. It could have been done, but it precisely cut of our original identity. We will tend to imitate and compare our work with theirs. Therefore, many artists suggested us to collect ideas from the mood, from the raw materials. For example, i want to make a moodboard for m photography assignment, the theme is "Paper Girl". Pictures that i collected for this theme was the pattern, the paper, the colors, make up mood, etc.
  • Choose your main image, then find the other pictures.
    • Specify the strongest mood and the most describable idea, then make it into your main image. This makes your moodboard more communicative
  • Set it into one frame, have you found it in good aesthetic?
To work in the world of design, we oftenly make a moodboard for our client. We always need to get approval from the clients first. If this is already adequate to describe his/her desire, they'll approve it, and vice versa, So, beautiful mood board will be very influential on the client's reaction. Should not be underestimated.

I think this is enough for the tips. so far mostly i made my moodboard in pinterest and still try some random composition in pilyvore. If you have an interest on it, give it a try! Happy Moodboard-ing :)

XOXO -unemenel-

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