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Me, Welcoming The World

5:47 am

Pictures courtesy of MMD 38, retouched by me :)
It has been 2 months since i left my college lyfe and welcoming the real world. I never imagine that i will be graduated as a Textile and Fashion Merchandising bachelor before. There is a long story about my college hunting in that time, the short is, i got rejected many times. 4 yeas after got rejected by several universities, here i am, standing confidently as a Textile and Fashion Merchandising Bachelor (yeay). I'm proud to be the part of this Major because of the specific knowledge. I ever had interested to go out of STTT on my second semester, but when i deeply thought about it, i realized if i went out of here and choose to be a student in Communication Major and so on, there will be too much competitors in the time when i will be graduated. There'll be thousand competitors with non specific esoteric knowledge, while here, we're special, we're always needed, we're holding the branch of primary human needs science. Clothes. Everybody need clothes, even my doll. so why bother?

XOXO -unemenel-

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