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Swimming Time

11:49 pm

at Mila Kencana Bogor

It has been three days since i'm here, at home. Hectic college life took almost all of my time and it made me miss every single corners of my own home and its memories, well, two months away from home is a deal. Finally i'm here, i can feel that bouncy bed, feel the hug of my fam, hear the fam's jokes, hear the laughs and watch Korean drama streaming with no buffer (YEA)

After a pretty long break (re: was doing nothing important at home except updating my socmed and eating sweet foods) i got a job from my mom to take her and my youngest sister to the pool. there's two new informations for me:
  1. My sister has took a swimming class for 2 months
  2. My sister can swim! 

what a suprise :) 
It's a pleasure for me to take 'em there. After all, it's been 2 years i didn't feel that chlorine water touch my body hehe. I asked my mom excitedly "May i swim too mom?" and she said yes :))))

It took a half hour for us to go to the public pool (Mila Kencana Bogor) and when we arrived, that typical smell of pop mie (combine with chlorine, lol) got into the smell sense of mine. The pool was fulfilled by a lot of people, more than i imagined before haha, and most of them are kids. You can find three types of pools there. The round one for the kids under 5 y.o, The square one for kids under 10 (depth: 100m), and the rectangle one for all ages (depth: 1,5m - 3m). I saw my sist, which is only 100cm high, confidently swim at the rectangle pool. whaahaha she really has the guts. That was the first time i saw my sister swim and she was swimming swiftly like a little boat, wuzzzz. I can't swim as well as her. The only swimming technique i know is that funny frog style wkwkwk. Do you know how's the feeling when you see your siblings can do things much better than you? i feel proud and also envy haha :) 

My mom once offered me to take courses, i can choose anything i like. She said "les nyanyi mau?" "les renang mau?" "ikut taekwondo mau?" but i refuse to join them because of my fear. I was afraid to be seen by many people when i sing, i was afraid i can't do what the coach tell me to, i was afraid i could get a broken hand if i join taekwondo, etc. Stupid little me. I would like to join them now if she told me to, but now isn't the right time for me to take those kind of stuffs anymore. I prefer to join a writing club or photography camp or textile camp than a singing class or a taekwondo class haha. 

I'd like to give you advice, whenever your parents offer you to join something or do something, think about it deeply and ignore your fear. If they recommend you to do something, it must be because they saw that you're pretty good in that things, they want you to focus and learn more about it. Well, we have to try to trust our parents, sometimes the know better about us than ourself :)) 

XOXO - unemenel-

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