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Ambitious Sister

9:16 am

"now i play guitar better than you, kak" -Hamas
Ambitious, that's her. My little sister. She never happy if there is something i can do nor she can. She knows i can (little bit) play guitar and I told her that she should try it sometimes. And guess what! When i came back to Bogor at least after i study here in Bandung for 6 month, she came to me and said
"See, now i can play Rubyna and taylor swift's song kak, i'm better than you"
"Where did you learn that?"
"Bapak and youtube"
"Yeah, Ok, Good."

Now, i love photography, and i hope just for this one she's not going to try to beat me up.. again. haha.
But, i can't denied that her shoot was quite good for this one.

Candid by Hamas at Stasiutn Cilebut

XOXO -unemenel-

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