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Ied ul Adha 2014

4:37 pm

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Ied ul Adha is one of  Holidays that we usually celebrate in our religion, Islam. Just like Ied al-Fitr, Ied ul Adha begins with two rakaat sunnah prayer plus a sermon. The unique thing in this Holiday is we have to do a kind of sacrifice. Different with zakat or alms, we sacrifice our wealth in animal form such as goats, cows, or camels. All moslem people in the world have the same tradition for the process of that Sacrifice Things.

As a moslem, i do celebrate this Ied ul Adha to! i decided to celebrate it with my tiny family; Mom, Dad, Hamas, Bhre, and Hning. As we know, in Indonesia there is a different perception about the day of Ied ul Adha. There were some people who do the sunnah prayer on this Saturday (Like me) and there were some other people do the sunnah prayer tomorrow morning. but i will not talk much more about why there is different perception of ied ul adha in this post wkwk. it's little bit hard to explain in english (and my english still this stiff, so.. yeah just google it by yourself). OK, we do the sunnah prayer on Saturday at University of Ibn Khaldun Bogor. It's pretty crowded. We pray together in peace, Alhamdulillah.  The Sermon is talked about Haji Akbar which is happened this year. For the further reason why we called it Haji Akbar just click this link: (http://www.kabarmakkah.com/2014/08/haji-akbar.html)

Because we do the sunnah prayer one day earlier than some other people, so the Qurban-Things will be held tomorrow morning after sunnah prayer. i have tasks from Lensa Kampus to capture some pictures about Ied ul Adha, and i'll do the picture hunt tomorrow :)

 XOXO -unemenel-

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