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Internship Lyfe: Explore Simo, Boyolali, Center Java, Indonesia

5:34 am

Bad bird #singlebaper
My second month of internship was a bit boring :( 
Our presentation task was postponed too long and this thing just definitely make me loose my spirit to perform my work haha. 

What did I do then in this past 4 weeks?
I pushed my self to help supervisors so they can reach their cutting target and I did it by muscle, not by brain. Walk here and there to transfer markers and analyse the missing component. I have been very disappointed with myself who still didn't find any way to solve those cutting problem by the system. This factory still needs more people to handle those orders and I am being here because I need to find solutions for them so they do not have to worry about the human source and etc. 
analysing problems is not easy as I thought. hahaha. ha. haha. 

It's boring yet hard. Yesterday our mentor just asked us to make groups and make management projects for the factory. Well pressed :') 

Passing this step of college is my nearest target that i have to achieve and i will never quit from it. Do routine activity made my head full with bad cloud. If my computer need F5 to refresh their 'brain', so i need movies, traditional event and beautiful places to refresh mine wkwk. 

Sat, 26 November 2016
On that day, I watched 'Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them' with mba Jen. I was about to cry when I heard that opening sound :') it brought me that nostalgic feeling for true. 
Eddie Redmayne acted sooo good. Why hadn't he been chosen as an HP actors before? heum. My favourite part's when he showed his magnificent suitcase to that corpulent guy named Jacob Kowalski. whoaa. Never expect that simple side book can be filmed this awesome! Let me bring you to reminisce a bit.

O yea, four hours before I watched that movie, Meyta, Doni and I visited a cafe and resto near our neighbourhood. Lembah Gunung Madu Resto and Cafe famous with its unique contour and also its view. It does really place in a valley. That place was still under construction, so it was not as beautiful as I expected before, but it will be a great place to visit when it's done, no doubt. 
Besides the view, they also have unique houses in there, they also have parrots who can talk haha. They repeat my 'kaka' word! hihi it's my pleasure parrots! 

Doni and her dream house. (Me too!)
The unexpectedly good candid result of hers. In between picture isn't always bad,  is it?
I think I'm going to have this kinda front yard. 

Double date, eh?
In the same day, mba jeni and I stopping for a moment to see Kirap Budaya at Simo, Boyolali. This event held by the Simo's local governement. As mba Jenia said, this kind of event held in every three months in this village. These days Simo's local government was very active in this culture section to increase it's tourism's value. Traditional Soldiers of Keraton Surakarta do the opening ceremony. With that Boso Jawa Alus, they control the whole citizen. I keep trying to remember those ceremonial orders' meaning but failed haha. Totally different with basic Javanese Language and I found it interesting. I'll look for it in detail on my next trip (if I have this similar trip) hehe. 

Like Father Like Son :)))))

Sun, 27 November 2016
Staying in mba jen's house to spent the night is the best choice at the time, some problems came and our plan to watch Ludruk/Ketoprak was not carried out because my daddy said that typical event is a bit dangerous for me to watch if there's no man who takes care of us. So, we didn't go even if we go, my daddy wouldn't know hehe (Parent's advises must be according to their experience and  I trust my parents on that)

Exciting with village activity and it's ambience, so, I asked mba jen to bring me walk around the neighbourhood on early morning and there I am, in the middle of damn-so-wide rice field. From where I stood, I can see Mt. Merbabu and Mt. Merapi, but unfortunately, the cloud won't cooperate with me so I can't take pictures of it. yeaaa these photos below was the only thing I got at the time. hehe.
Morning mainstream activity in a village. Go to the rice field. yay!

Mbah-mbah who suddenly held my hand and kindly asked about my basic identity while she was passing by. Really love the way she hold and stroke my hand :) 

I like that tree. 
Big thanks to Meyta, Doni and Mbak Jenia who brought me to these places. I'm so grateful to have y'all as my colleague in this factory. hihi

XOXO -unemenel-

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