My First Month as an Intern

3:24 pm

PT. Eco Smart Garment Indonesia Klego

It has been a month people called me an intern in a fabulous garment factory PT. Eco Smart Garment Indonesia which is one of PT. Pan Brother garment factory's branch. I was placed in cutting department by its Factory Manager because he thought i was good with math, lol. Well i like math but i can't say i'm good at it :)

I learned a lot in this department! and the most interesting subject that i liked to explore was the new software they use for their cutting management. It called Intellocut. I'll talk about this software in a seperate post so keep in touch!

Being an intern made me be more careful when i talk to a person, i do really think that they were my work colleague, so i have to be more respectful. Networking is something that you really need to build from the star of your career. Don't do hate speech, don't yell, don't underestimate.

My work colleagues there were very humble and very nice. They will explain all my question patiently until i relieved with the answers. They're smart and hard worker. In my first week, i was very exhausted to be in that department because there's no time for me to rest my mind in 8 hours except on 12 p.m. At the time i get back to my room, i slept right here and there.

Very interesting! can't wait for further experiences!

Canteen PT. Eco Smart Garment Indonesia Klego

My Boarding House (Mess PT. Eco Smart Garment Indonesia Klego)

Front Door PT. Eco Smart Garment Indonesia Klego

XOXO -unemenel-

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