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Lindsay Adler

12:38 am

I thought i've fallen in love with Lindsay Adler! I found her existence in youtube couple days ago. Who is she actually?
Lindsay Adler is a professional portrait fashion photographer based in NY City. Her editorial work has published internationally from youtube, her own site, and also from several magazine that she work with. I love her because of her soft, weird, creative, and also deep meaning work.
Her nippy and gallant style makes me love her even more! She's young and really open minded.
As i know, since 2010, she has made 3 books and one video project.
Her first book is "A Linked Photographer's Guide to Online Marketing an Social Media"
In 2011 she published her second book tittled "Fashion Flair  for Portrait and Wedding Photography"
In 2012 she published a book again "Shooting in Shitty Light" aaaaand her recently published video is about nude photography. I hate that project because of its nudity. Maybe it was just a usual fine art for her but yeah it's not fit me.
She also teach bro... she annually teach about photograph at some photographic community. She has spoken to hundreds or maybe thousands photographer around the world about many things such as; topic ranging, retouching, fashion technique, studio lighting and etc.
That word represented all about her. In her young age, she already had so many experiences for being a professional photographer. Crazy busy schedule just like an ordinary activities for her.
K, the point is.... she's awesome
You have to check out her work. here they are.

XOXO -unemenel-


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  1. Aku punya seorang teman pria yang sangat mengidolakannya. Dan ya, dia sangat menantikan project terbarunya Adler