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5:10 pm

Dropping off my college life and go for a little walk
Finally, those college things already finish. To full fill my empty days, i went to ciwalk with my flawless friend, Kinan and her brother, Rangga. They asked me to accompany them to go to ciwalk for looking up some shoes. Shopping time they said. With this obnoxious knowledge about places and directions, i accompanied them.
In all conscience, this is not my first time i went to ciwalk. But the last time i went there, i was rode a bike. So i have no idea about public transportation which is stop in Ciwalk. Google helped us to find that place. Thanks google!

Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to go shopping - Bo Derek -
Gazillion people out there are maybe also said that. But not for me, i think without money we can also be happy! I went there just with my body, friends and camera.. and a bit money  and those happiness not came from money. And yes i don't know where to go shopping hahaha.

 Rangga was grumbling when Kinan looked up for her shoes
FYI, boys are also selective about fashion. Rangga told me that from his behavior. Boys only buy what they need and what suitable for them. If they didn't find 'that things' which is into them, then they would not buy anything....except food. The conclusion is.... we didn't buy anything because there is no such a thing that suitable with Rangga's taste of shoes. Hell yeah.

Gazillion people watch their performance. Okay, that's to much.

And this is how i look. As simple as usual.

 A picture of us 
We were hungry yesterday. Too hungry until when we went in to a shoes store, the smell that we tasted was a smell of breads. Suddenly our brain edgy! With this gallant body we walked out from that shoes store and glimpse look to the bread store. Can't hide this hunger anymore. nom nom..

I bought a piece of blueberry cheese cake and a not-know-the-name-bread. Freakilicios!

yeeaahh we're so daymn hungreeh
Unfortunately, there were something bad happened. Chocolate milkshake that Kinan has bought spilled. 49K she said :( and she shocked so bad because of that. Bad-mood mode: ON.

Shocked. A lot.

So, Kinan forfeit her expensive chocolate milkshake and Rangga didn't get his shoes and me.. got my freakilicious Blueberry cheese cake. What a 'Perfect' day. Alhamdulillah. At least i've been told that money isn't always makes us happy. Sometimes, it makes us angry and unhappy.
What if the price of that chocolate milkshake just for 5K, maybe Kinan do not have to moody as much as yesterday.

XOXO -unemenel-

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