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Welcome, Perisai Diri

7:53 am

Congratulation Perisai Diri for the reborn!
Yesterday, at 30th November 2014, me and two of my friends documented PD's event. This event attended by alumnus of STT Tekstil who was joined Perisai Diri when they were still studying in STT Tekstil.
Why actually they called this event "Reborn of Perisai Diri"?
Perisai Diri have formed by their alumnus to distribute their passion about martial. But unfortunately this unit has vacuumed for several times and because these days there are many new students who interested with this unit, so the alumnus' were trying to make this unit rise up again, and finally yesterday they re-inaugurate Perisai Diri for being student's unit in STTT (yeay)
For me, yesterday was my "All You Can Eat Day" hahaha. I got soooo many free snacks (and foods) such as onde-onde, risol, agar-agar, roti, ayam bakar, etc. Although i knew that my body willl get bigger and bigger if i ate that much, but still.. foods are everything bro. They're my bestfriends #huek hahaha
Ok now let me introduce my partners, they are Dinar and Wowo. Actually Wowo is my senior, i usually call him Ka Wowo and Dinar is my classmates (re: temen seangkatan). They're such a good photographer. Share anything about photography with them is one of my favorite things. Here they are.

Ka Wowo and Dinar

She is one of alumnus' child, i forgot her name but their parents called her Eneng (Girl in West Javanese). She is extremely cute, isn't she? 

Ooh, this one is one of my picture from this event. not bad right? you guys have to see their face who are sitting around those two people. "Oh God He Is Awesome" face! wkwk

Trio Kepompong.....

Once again, thank you soo much Perisai Diri for invited us to documenting your event. Long last ya baby :)

XOXO -unemenel-

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