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Visit Friend's Home

12:48 pm

Location: Banjir Kanal Timur
Weapon: Tongsis (tolong sis)
Photo credit by: Dewi Triana Susanti
Gadget: Samsung S5

Do a short visit to your friend's house is a good thing. You can make kinda good relationship between two families which probably can last forever! I knew her, my friend Dewi Triana Susanti since my first year in STT Tekstil but this is the first time we visit each other house. It's fun, tho. She learn about my family, about how we cherish or mad to each other, and i also learn some about hers too. Interesting.

In the way on 'learning' about her family, i met my favorite person of her fam, that's her little cousin, Faiz (re: a boy). He's seven y.o boy. But you know what? the way he speaks English is adorable! He can give comments, speak, yell, beg, in English. Did his mom teach him? NO. Her mom can't speaks English as well as he does. Nobody in that house can speak English well except his daddy, but i can't be because of his father, they infrequently meet because of daddy's lack of time. In school? No, his kindergarten was just an ordinary school. When i asked my friend how could he do that, she said it because he watch youtube routinely. After he finished his school, he quickly rush into his bedroom and watch youtube. He usually watch minecraft video or other video about games which spoken in English. I saw him give comments and yells to the video in English, and when somebody asked question about something he's watching, he can answer those questions very well and his pronunciation was so good. I'm not his family, but i'm proud of him. haha.

When i was there, I also entertained with the scenery of Banjir Kanal Timur. At first, i thought that place's going to looked as neat as when i saw it in TV. But i found it a lot different than i expected. Too many scruffy grass, rubbish everywhere, naughty street vendors along the way. Alhamdulillah there's still a good side of the place. So, here they are. Pretty neat, eh?
Photo credit by: me

Photo credit by: Dewi

XOXO -unemenel-

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