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Ramadhan 1437H and Stuffs

6:30 pm

I'm very exhausted yet very happy now. After a very bustling day with so many siblings come and go from my granny's house, smiling and laughing, and also all the greeting things, finally I can have my own time to relax with a book; a laptop and a bottle of orange juice. Totally my time. I can't think about anything except the fact that I, Ibranesa Nissreyasa, was very excited to tell the whole story about my ramadhan experience.

I've thought a lot of project this month, yea, probably too much. It's all about managing lyfe and practical work (kerja praktek) a.k.a internship, english club, essay practice, ramadhan target, instagram (I even make plans for my instagram feed like, ugh,elementary), etc. But to be honest, to many plans  totally confused me. I had to many ideas popped out from my head and sometimes it makes me lost the track. I kept thinking "oh, I hv to write down all this ideas" but hey! I can’t bring my note books everywhere and everytime unless I tied that up to my neck, I'm too reckless, remember?

One of my project this time is to post something about my ramadhan life. Well, I'm gonna make it short so all of us can read this with a happy face, I think I'm going to talk about my first week in this ramadhan. For the opening, the aim of these ramadhan stories is one. "To evaluate my self" muhasabah you know. I want to tell and remind my own self about what the hell have I done in this precious month. In the first week, I did iftar in my campus' masjeed almost everyday, well it's free, save some money, well tasted, and made me straight to do my religious services. But besides those times, I did iftar in Café and RestoRoemah Bata. That event was totally burned a hole to my pocket. haha. Why? Ok, this is my last year of being a crew in Lensa Kampus' annual photo exhibition so I have to give my all (I give my aaaalll, to have just one more night withyouuuu [Mariah Carey's]).  I spent 60K for iftar just in TWO DAYS. It's to much, I knew it.

In that first week, I had my birthday too (8), a simple day with wishes from my dad, my mom, and my college friends, Ervin (He's just knew my birthday a day before the day, that's why he said a happy birthday for me, lol). My other friends said happy birthday too like lufhti, reta, dinar, elda, wulan, and others. Nine days after the day, I got a surprise from my housemates (Read: Belated Birthday) which was a total mood booster in my second week of ramadhan. I'm officially 20 now, yea. More come and go affairs, more responsibilities, more lessons, more debts (haha), more smiles, etc. 20 is a hard opening for me, I announce my self as an adult (a newbie one) who must ready for the REAL life but it seems like I'm not ready, yet. In my lyfe target, in this year I have to visit Singapore which is I still don't have any idea how to get there, then I have to start a try to make my own money, and I have to visit all library in several TOP PTN in Indonesia, make a passport (I've tried once but failed because there's an error in the chip system),  and also start to prepare my self to have an IELTS and TOEFL certification. Hmm.. I hope all my plans smoothly checked from the list. Aamiin.

And, my second week of ramadhan still filled by the exhibition things and some exams. Yes yes, I have my exams in ramadhan, while no food or water go through my throat, hoho, we, Indonesian people, especially indonesian muslim people have been taught to be honest, patient, and strong since the very beginning, aren't we? Hahaha (lebay banget).   If I'm not mistake, I have my first iftar in my boarding house a day after our photo exhibition finished (I had a bukber in a day before the closing, and we did the closing in our own campus). It's a big problem, having iftar in boarding house, you know, I bought to much foods, unhealthy one, like cilor, bakso, instant foods, instant beverages, etc. Unfortunately, I haven't done my tarawih prayer much this week. My big mistake.  I actually can do tarawih if I tried to, but I'm not. So, hmm.. my bad. Astaghfirullah.

Wow, this is weird, I don't realize I've been through that whole 2 weeks with rubbish. I mean, it's not the exhibition or the exams which are rubbish, I am rubbish. My ramadhan target still far from the finish line and I was moved as slow as a turtle! I ruin my own plan and I didn't count my target with my period time, I have those in my third week. DANG! In that week, I also had a bad day when I was at loggerheads with some of my friends. The thing is about event evaluation, but it already solved. Alhamdulillah.  At June 25th my school finally finished and I can go back straight to my lovely hometown. Wuuuu parentsss!! Siblings! I was VERY happy when I was having my first sahur and first iftar with my fam. Never been better!

In my fourth week, I spent it with preparation for mudik (re: go back to hometown, indonesianmuslim's annual culture when iedl fitr come) and also met old friends of mine.  I met them, my friends, at July 1th. We've not met for about 4 or 5 months and I admitted that  In the beginning we were having a total awkward moment. It's like.. Um.. Weird.. I have no idea what to talk to, what to ask, what to tell. I have A LOT stories, I thought it's kinda weird if I tell them, but in the end I told them tho haha. Conversation went well as time elapsed. We tell each other about our friends abroad, our silly love stories, about a kind of 'fisherman principal' (haha), government rules, national issues, etc. I just found out I make friends with a miserable 'fisherman' and a cool yet try-to-be-funny person. I'm serious man, it was like I met a different person, he's not as cool as before, but I like it, I mean, finally there's a person who can make me laugh between them. he used to be a super serious af! And for my other friend… omg… I can't say it here. He's mad! To much fish in his hand made me want to eat him right then andthere. (See our photos). I wore lipstick when I met them! they didn't realize until I told them and their respond was just "oh iya gitu? Hmm ga sadar gue". hmm. boys. They do not even care about lipstick! What did I expect from them anyway? Hahaha.

Two days after I met my smartsome friends, I went to my parent's hometown. We did this annually.  But  now we did it differently! We brought our cat too hihi it was so exciting. We rented a car because our car didn’t work anymore. It was a really fast trip. We're just need about 6 hours to get to Cirebon. When the others were grumbling and cursing the traffic during theirtrip, we was doing it happily because my parents had chosen the best timing. Alhamdulillah. It's all about timing dude, even mudik needs a strategy too. i feel sorry for those 18 people who died because of that terible traffic. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun. i hope all of us can learn from what was just happened this year. aamiin.

I gain weight easily there, well, I ate much, my grandma's provide to much foods. After two days……….. Finallyyyyy….

Ied prayer, empalgentong, angpao, sungkem, family ghathering, I had them all in a day! After that, we went to my dad's hometown, Solo. It takes 10 hours, 3 hours later than usual. My grandma's ill, but she won't take any surgery even I've told her to do so. Huhu. Have no idea how to convince her :(

I met so many siblings there. Happy to heard my cousins get into several renowned university. Mia got accepted as a student in Civil Engineering UGM and Vira got accepted as a student in Sociology UNS. Pround of em! My aunt have a daughter know! her name is Aqila and she's extremely beautiful. we had a family walk there. We run in a nice weather and a nice environment. Who'll refuse to run in a peaceful village? Not any of us of course.

Talking about the ramadhan target, ekhm, it's not went really well. I have my own evaluation for this year, at least I made one. Ya. Even though I'm a bad girl, I still hope all of us can get our victory in our own version. InsyaAllah. I learned so much in this ramadhan about patience, honesty, and generosity. I learned how to count zakat penghasilan too hahaha.

That's all. Those are my ramadhan stories. This ain't fun if there's no pictures, so I added some here. Enjoy. 

me, as a model in Lensa Kampus Lighting Workshop
pict by: Baramantyo Damar Ramadhan
Lenka Project 2016
pict by: Regina Awalia Karnalis 
My birthday cake!
Beloved Pengmas' Crew
Buka Bareng (iftar together *ea) Textile Garment Satu
Meet up with old friends
took a picture with family from Jakarta. I know nothing about them. blank. 
gurls (cousins) 
"mbak! buruan fotoin kita sama mas ganteng!!" 
our village looks like in the morning (location: Solo)
Morning Vibe ~(O.O~)(~O.O)~
XOXO -unemenel-

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  1. neee, suka bgt foto yg di sawah. tone-nya amazing bgt. oh iyaa, happy belated birthday ne!