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Taman Safari Indonesia

7:01 pm

well, still young enough for playin' in a zoo. I LOVE ZOO. probably should have one someday, lol. We went there 4 hour after we just arrived from cirebon and it was so damn exhausting but fun!. Get lost because we trusted google map to much. Not literally lost, but guided through an unkown road with a hard track ang then stucked in a looong trafic jam. we arrived there at 15:00 WIB and we saw sooo many amazing animals. We were like "oooh that's an ilama!" "close the window! that elephant's coming!" "what the hell is that thing?" haha my brother messed up back then. At 16:14 WIB we arrived in the amusement park and the ticket said that all games there will be closed at 17:30 WIB. NICE. at least we have (almost) an hour for having fun! I was with my fam after all, everything was god damn okay. LOVE THEM TO THE MOON AND BACK
location: Taman Safari Indonesia
ps: mom, dad, i prefer camping. it's a lot cheaper. lol. but i love you.

XOXO -unemenel-

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