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Hi, July!

11:35 am

Thank God it's July, a special month when the world was blessed by the arrival of three men that made my life full of struggle and muggle (?). No, it's not them by the way, but i celebrate it with them hehe, welcoming this beautiful July with my very smartsome (smart and handsome, lol) best-friends. I was having a sudden trip with them start from Cilebut-Pondok Cina-Bogor and back to Cilebut again. And the aim was just one... "to visit Library of UI"... i've never visited UI's Library before, so i want to visit that place before there's no time to do so haha. We're a team here, with four member in it (but one of us can't come so.. yea). A very random team with each personal ambitions from the same high school. I've never published them before, except the one who didn't come kukuku. unnecessary paragraph to read, eh? wkwk
ps: those three men, grandpa(3), dad(17), and my best bud(14).

XOXO -unemenel-

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  1. jan lupa kalo ntar jalan2 sama aku ditulis di blog yah HAHAHAHAHAHA